Monday, January 30, 2012

the very 1st....can you still remember ?

My first normal card: Dark Scorpion ver2
My first bronze card: Joe ver2
My first silver card: hammerhead shark ver2
but i never get gold or ultra card
how about you?

~ Ji Sui Phin

Reply :

My first Gold:Red Scorpion
My first Silver:Hippo Larry
My first Bronze:Alien Egg D
My first Normal:Smalltooth Sawfish

~ Celestial Lightning Fan

My first Gold : Great White Shark ver.3 My first Silver : Hammerhead Shark ver.2 My first Bronze : Blue, the Young Shark ver.3 My first Normal : Goblin Shark ver.1
~ Wilson Linaldero

Normal: I forgot. Bronze: Leo. Silver: Hammerhead Shark
~ Danny Boey

My First Normal Card: Hippo Barry Version 5
My First Bronze Card: Use Your Head Version 5
My First Silver Rare Card: American Alligator Version 5
My First Gold Rare Card: Vrede Version 5
My First Ultar-Rare Card: Scorch v5(A Fake Printed One Which I don't use anymore)Until now I have alot of Others accept Gold which I only have Two.

~ Galleon Chua Ming Han

My first gold : red scorpion. My first silver:lone warrior my first bronze : blue my first normal : earthquake. I don't have any ultra card.
~ Bernard Alaric S

first normal ----- rattlesnake first bronze giant panda first silver vampire bat first gold lion (traded) first ultra galleon
~ Kaiser Jason

Normal : andean condor or Indian gavial
Bronze : Nile crocodile
Silver : virtous skies
Gold : Bengal tiger
Ultra : siegfried

~ Jesse Joseph

My first normal card: Notus ver6
My first bronze card: Sigfried ( that I got from a toy)
My first silver card: Hippo Larry ver 6
My first gold card: Red scorpion ver 3
My first ultra card: Atlas ver6

~ Lorenzo Eugenio

First Normal :cheetah , Bronze: alien egg A , Silver : great comet, Gold/Ultra : none
~ Wynn Hann

My first normal card: Peregrine Falcon , My first bronze card: Element of Surprise , My first silver card:Primal Fight , My first gold card: Yokozuna , My first Ultra card: Atlas
~ Craig Hong

first normal:leopard , first bronze:giant panda , first silver:polar bear , first gold:yokozuna , first ultra:scorch
~ Deja Akmal Nugraha

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