Monday, April 4, 2011

AK machine dsipense out "Spoilt / Slight damage " card...

oh you have to see .... when the card dropped (dispensed) it’s corner dong dong at the metal collector and alemak ..... slight bent ... lols

i ever seen people placing their hand for the card to drop .... and one joker put a hankerchief ....... ha ha lols.When the staff need to pull the card out ..... then it’s no longer a normal card dispenser ...

IT"S A SPOILT DISPENSER!!!!! ...... ha ha lols at least we now know Japan stuffs after awhile also give problems .... lolz.

~ spaceshuttle

LOL hankerchief… i shall try that… maybe is the card dispenser.... when the card is stuck, u will see the staff pulling out the card from the dispenser..... so thats y it make a slight bend
~ animalkaiser98

Oh now it happens to me… -.- Ver 5 AA come out, top right foil scratch
~ Retarded noob XD

AK98 lately all gd cards at hougang mall wasn’t in gd condition maybe must ask them to check with namco. I have alot of cards in bad condition but not very bad la is abt 9/10.
~ Alan Lim

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