Monday, April 4, 2011

TimeZone run out of Ver 6 cards ?

Hi, Yesterday went to City Sq at B2 V6 manchine got no cards for replacement. Checked 4 fl TZ active today also noticed 2units Ver 6 manchines got no cards for replacement.

Checked with TZ stafff she replied that she had already informed her supervisor to order and the reply no stock. Anyone had similar experience in other TZ that had no more stock and waiting for new shipment to arrive?

~ george

Hougang Mall also the same.No stock now only left with 2 machine i have check with the staff they say no stock. Waiting for the stock to come
~ Alan Lim

Blog Master: Never happen before !!Its just the 3rd week after Version 6 & now BIG Boy such as Timezone had run out of Version 6 card stock ?? Its really strange & fishy Operator run out of cards before new version is going to launch....but now..its opposite ! Maybe the arcade Operator already knows that Ver 6 is the LAST ...hence, they don't dare to take in too many stock ...just in case nobody play Animal Kaiser anymore.....

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