Monday, April 4, 2011

Studies First … the rest can wait … AK can wait.

Supposed to play AK tournament at Timezone on Saturday ... Chinese Tuition can’t shift. Either skip lesson or skip AK. Studies come first - skip AK. Timezone called and informed me that the deposit will be forfeited ... I’m okay ....

But i’m depriving others a chance to play? Yes ... maybe next time I have to decide better so as not to deprive others from the 2 slots ... though I have reasons and $4 deposit is not much.

I used to put AK more important then studies. This is wrong, parents reading must help your kids to set the priorities right. Studies always comes first .... regardless ...

We played AK at ZoneX this morning ... my older boy won with Yokozona .... 3-times winner liao ... cannot play anymore.

While we’re playing AK, catch-up with an old-timer parent - on children’s studies, and i would like to share 3 pointers that I have encountered during the ‘hunt’ of a good chinese tutor. We have changed 3 tutors before we settled for the current one.

(1) Never do the tuition at home - too many distractions.
(2) Tutor must be strong in English and Chinese - use stronger language to help the weakest one.
(3) Use the correct gadget to help your kids to learn - what interest him/her, stay with him/her.

~ spaceshuttle

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