Monday, April 4, 2011

Rude Mother & son team almost make my son injured...during the rush....

Yesterday i met a very rude mum and her kid. My wife yesterday agree to let my son play AK since the end of deck G he has a chance to get Altas if my wife let him play until that. We went to hougang mall TZ early morning around 9:30am to q up and there is a guy in front of my son. That woman & her kid was 4th person there but went the door open her son block and push my son in order to get in 1st to the machine.

I compliant to the staff there but no action taken by them and i’m very piss so was my wife n my son. The guy in the q 1st willing to be my witness but the staff still dun care about it.

I must say that they should have a older staff there to control this kind of situation, all staff at hougang mall TZ are young guy and girls.

I also have written to TZ management about this issue if no answer given by the management i might write to the press about some parents being barbaric with this game in order to get what they want! I’m stopping my son from playing this game for the time being due to some barbaric parents and her kid. I dun want my son to get injured because of this game.

Thanks guys for your sms to supporting me to complaint about it. Cos it may just happen to anyone kid if no action is taken.

As after the incident the guy 1st in q wife arrive. She told me saw that lady n her kid before and she said she happen to met them before in Compass point TZ as there are alot of machine to play but they just chose the machine her kid was play bcos in the deck there is a scorch card n is a express lane so they got no choice but to give up the seats for them.

~ Alan Lim

Update @ 5/4/11: Thks for all your support. Lucky that day my son wasn’t injured. I thinking of calling the police but after thinking her son also a kid just let him play lor. I think there will be Kama ~ Alan Lim

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