Monday, April 4, 2011

Official announcement : Version 6 is the Last version

Updated on 5/4/11 : Photobucket


Blog Master: Why isn't there version 7 ? Why must be Namco team change the next version to "Animal Kaiser Evolution" which should be the same as jap ver 7 ?? Give a thought..."AK Evolution" have the same picture of Great White Shark versus Lion ...which is similar to version 1 ....what goes round comes around...its finally back to basic point from where it all started . Current Version 6 by right should be the last for Singapore Market...but due to popular demand...The producer team decided to come up with new animals such as Liger , Saber tooth etc as Animal Kaiser evolution. I personally believe that "Animal Kaiser Evolution" is the FINAL version...

Just to clarify that Official announcement only mention that there is no more Version 7 ...except the new Animal Kaiser Evolution ...which will be the next new version

What we believe is that this new Animal Kaiser Evolution may be the FINAL & very last version ?? everyone should play and enjoy AK while you can ~

If there is any further version folllowing after Animal Kaiser Evolution...we certainly welcome it it AK evolution 2 or part 2 ...or whatever name they want to call it long AK can continue ...then good loh..The problem is , can anyone confirm this ??

Otherwise , we have a strange feeling that the next upcoming AK evolution MAY be the very LAST ? You may choose to believe or not ...its just our wild guess , that’s all

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