Monday, May 9, 2011

In this ‘watershed’ GE2011, who will rise or fall in the history books of Singapore?

On 7th May, the GE result sent big guns Foreign Minister George Yeo, State Minister Lim Hwee Hua and next-to-be Speaker of Parliament, Zainual Abidin Rasheed of the PAP crashing and down the tube into the lower depth of the history books of Singapore. It was a giant three-in-one ministerial killing stroke. The electorate took the bold move to remove ministers from Cabinet with their votes in the Aljunied GRC ignoring MM Lee Kuan Yew’s dire warning and challenge. MM Lee also defied them to vote against the PAP in Aljunied.

Total national-wide votes for PAP was 60.14 percent compared with 66.6% in 2006, a drop of 6.6 percentage point in popularity. The sole opposition party, the WP has won 6 seats , leaving the PAP with the remaining 81 seats to form the next Govt.
The result is a very telling message to all with the swing in votes coming from many disenfranchised Singaporeans who were deprived the chance to vote in many past elections due to walkovers.

How MM Lee Kuan Yew will craft his final legacy over the next five years will depend on whether he has accepted the GE result with indignation and dismay or with jubilation, elation and ecstasy in winning 81 seats.

What will be MM Lee’s advice to the Cabinet on:

The electorate’s message that the PAP could apply to put spurs into their hides, their behind, to get their act together in governing Singapore with fewer complaints and disgruntles from Singaporeans.
Some people said that MM Lee is out of depth in today Gen-Y politics. I hope he will prove to his Cabinet that he is not really over the hill yet.

~ tan kok tim

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