Monday, May 9, 2011

2 messages to Worker Party (WD)


Well done WP and Congratulations!

This prove to the rest of Singapore that residents in Hougang and Aljunied GRC believes in fighting for our rights and beliefs.As for other parts of Singapore, hope those that did not push for more voices in parliament, I wish you good luck and hope that the PAP will deliver to you what they had promised. I would like to suggest to Mr Low to embark on an all out effort to win over more voters and also to form an alliance with other opposition parties with good potential to strengthen itself further and prepare to take on more GRCs and SMCs in the next election.

From the elections results, we can clearly see that the number of voters that wanted alternative voices are increasing at a very steady but alarming rate. This coming 5 years will be very crucial for PAP and if they do not listen and deliver this time around, the next election will open up the flood gates for more oppositions and their winning percentage will drop even further. Thus, WP needs to be all ready and prepared. Let WP be our voices and it will be a strong voice as well as a strong force to reckon with. Cheers!

~ TimeTo Act


This is 2nd message :

Congratulations to Mr Low Thia Khiang and members of Workers Party. This has been a watershed GE for all Singaporeans especially for residents in Hougang and Aljunied GRC.

The fact that the Opposition is able to garner a GRC without the financial muscles and media coverage alike of PAP shows:

1. Bread and Butter Issues(GST, food prices,etc..) faced by the Commoners(aka Singaporean) are ignored by the ruling parliamentary;

2. Sheer arrogance of PAP shown in offensive* speech by our respectable MM and despised view of Opposition members as "good for nothing";

3. Elected ministers and MPs whom are hugely unpopular remain in PAP;

4. Singapore PRs are more recognised than Singapore Citizens - ie there is no pride being a citizen. We have nothing distinctive to be proud of compared to some countries whereby citizens was given land or free utilities. Another example is we have to be a school volunteer in order to secure a place for primary school kids and that is not guranteed;

5. Singaporeans need participative ministers / MPs to give any opposing views for consideration in Parliament - Credos to Dr Amy Khor who was able to give different views in Parliament compared to the sleeping / quiet / obedient / submissive Ministers / MPs;

6. Some of the MPs / Ministers has lost touch with the people around them. If you cant feel their pulse compared to the Opposition, how do you diagnose and recommends / solves their problems. Mr Teo Chee Hean, Ms Penny Low and Mr Teo Ser Luck are good examples from PAP who were seen in events held in their GRC and worked very hard to gain confidence with the people around them;

7. Pay issue of Ministers and President. The current pay of the President is over $3 million a year after adjustment. There are many commoners and old folks here who dont have $1000 per month.

8. COEs, ERPs - the price is higher than the car itself and limited use of 10 years. Gantries coming up everywhere and getting more expensive with heavy traffic flows.

9. HDB flat - The flat is leased from HDB even though fully paid up. We are not the Owner of the flat but a lessee. If the HDB wants to take back your flat even though it is fully paid up, they can do so even if you objected. We cant rent the flat without paying and seek approval from HDB because we do not possess the right of Ownership. Singapore Citizen cant even buy another flat even if we want to.

10. Education System - Focused on pure regurgitation. A university graduate who cannot enter our NUS / NTU but studied in overseas university in America / England or Australia will draw a higher pay compared with our local graduates;

11. Most important issue - Lack of Compassion of PAP - there is no ground checks / internal audits to find out the people feelings of certain issues. Readings and Bills were passed in Parliament as a formality.

Workers Party will have a uphill task for the next 5 years. However, I believe with the dedications and compassion of the present group of members in WP, they will gather more support in the next GE.

Well done! Workers have given a good slap to the driver. Hopefully, the driver will wake up to steer it right....

~ Done Done

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