Monday, May 9, 2011

A message to National Solidarity Party (NSP)

Dear NSP,

I must salute you folks for putting up a good fight. Most notable is Marine Parade, the NSP 'rookie' team went up against an experienced statesman of GCT and shaved his margins to only 56.65% - a dismal score considering GCT is a highly influential figure and should have been expected to score higher. 'TPL effect' no doubt dragged down his score, but it is also true that NSP supporters in Marine Parade had been impressed with NSP team, with particular reference to Ms Nicole Seah who had held her own in comparison to TPL. It's Singaporeans' loss to not have NSP candidates in parliament, only to win themselves a Kate Spade, feet-stomping TPL who coasted in not so much by her own merit than being sheltered by GCT.

Though of course there're some issues to ponder about regarding your electoral strate----, nonetheless it's a good fight which is all worth the time and effort put in by you folks, and your supporters had not supported you in vain. It's a good cause that they supported, and you didn't fail them because you did all your best considering your constraints as a resurgent party. But as an amateur, I've the following suggestions for you, as amateurish these suggestions might be, hopefully they can be useful for your future endeavour in 2016:

1. Concentrate 'firepower': if Mr Goh Meng Seng, Mr Tony Tan, Ms Hazel Phoa, Mr Steve Chia and Ms Nicole Seah for instance can be grouped into one or two heavyweight A-teams, and concentrate such firepower into strategically selected wards, the chances of victory will be higher. There's no need to field so many candidates because it's better to husband precious resources and focus on those which stand a higher chance of winning.

2. Hide your 'cards' until the last minute: Mr Low Thia Khiang did a correct thing by not revealing the slate for Aljunied until the last minute. This is an asymmetrical tactic used by a weaker party against a stronger party, allowing the former to spring a surprise and giving no time to the latter to react. Therefore, perhaps NSP can consider such a tactic in future.

3. Continue the work left and prove the critics wrong: there were criticisms that oppies after losing in the wards tend to disappear. My suggestion is to prove the critics wrong by continuing to walk the ground in those wards, if possible. This will show your sincerity despite your defeat, and anyways, rapport with the residents need to be built up overtime. Outreach in all sorts - traditional or new media - needs to be continued at all times leading up to 2016.

4. Start a niche in parliament to showcase capability: I hope NSP can be offered a chance to field an NCMP. Yes, of course, this NCMP system is flawed and no doubts about it. But I observed that indeed, Ms Sylvia Lim from WP who was previously an unknown back in 2006 proved herself as an articulate NCMP who, despite her constraints, spoke up agianst vital national issues such as SWF and for the needy. After 5 years of hard work, she now made it. I suggest for instance Ms Nicole Seah, who is articulate and champions for the less fortunate people, be placed as an NCMP should such a slot be open to NSP.

5. Aggressive recruitment and start early: this election has shown that highly qualified candidates are still in vogue. NSP should attempt to recruit more qualified candidates as possible to bolster your rank and file, and thereafter start to form the A-teams starting from now, not only when elections come calling in 2016.

I'm sure with NSP's evaluation of 2011 electoral strate----, I'm sure you'll have a higher chance. I thank you for fighting for us Singaporeans and hope that you continue your work starting from now. No break at all! Cheers!

~ Criticise

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