Monday, May 9, 2011

2 messages to People's Action Party (PAP)

Dear MM, PM & all Ministers,

A wise man not only gives instruction, he also listens. All of you are lucky to have been given another 5 years to rule Spore. I was praying that PAP will loose this 2011 elections. I now see there are many good oppositions candidates for this 2011 elections campagin. Some of the opp candidates got much higher qualifications than PAP candidates. It is time for you to reconsider carefully to remover some of your cocky ministers like MBT,WKS & others mention on the internet.

If you do not listen, comes 2016 elections, Sporeans will ensure that PAP to receive 46% overall votes. We are already very fed -up with so many of your PAP policies. Importantly please stop the influx of FT. Many FT have brought shame and disgrace to pur country, especially the PRC, which belongs to the worst group. This is our country, this is our nation for Sporeans.

If you insist on Foreign Talent(FT), than set a high standard entry level for them, like countries in Australia and some european countries which has high standarad entry level. They protect their countries and citizens. Spore is peacefull now, with the high influx of FT, when Sporeans loose their jobs and go hungry, they will not protest peacefully thru elections. They may go to the streets to protest like E----pt and some of the Arab countries. Im very sure, we do not want this to happen.

As for George boy, ask one of your less capable MP to step down and have a by election at a SMC.
We are sure George boy will win. Did you ever think , the opp may one of these days, request George boy do join them. MM please don't think you are so smart. The new generation is even smarter than you and me, and don't live in the past like the 50 & early 60. This is 2011, I seen you as a PM when i was a very young boy. I am aware of the riots and the difficulities during the early days. I do not wish to live in the past, we have to move on. This is life na !.

My advise to you retired in grace and respect!

Thank you!

~ Francis Xavier


This is 2nd message to share:

Dear MM Lee,

With the deepest utmost respect for your past work to Singapore, I do remember what you and your 1st and 2nd generation of PAP leaders have done for the country. I do believe that all Singaporeans will nod in agreement with me on that statement. We respect you, we know you are the father of Singapore. We know you and your 1st and 2nd generation of leaders whom you picked, have given selflessly to the growth of Singapore. I do people remembered that clearly.
And we all do thank you and appreciate your legacy you have left us with. So we all remembered. But people at my age group (in our 50s') also remembered a few more things.

I am in my 50's and I remembered that when I did not received any help from MoM during my unemployment. I remembered as a Single, I paid income tax as with everyone else but were denied public housing (before rules were relaxed to allow Singles above a certain age to buy 2nd hand flats..) I remembered because of that, I had used my hard-earned savings, to buy a private apartment to live in. I remembered as a singaporean, I accepted CPF cuts, whilst cost of living rose. I accepted the policy administered to DELAY the age of withdrawal of my CPF, whilst I watched and see Ministerial pay skyrocket into the Millionaire club, as I looked at my monthly pay where an average Minister earns in 2 hours. But enough of this reminiscing.

What's more important is that you need to reconcile that Singaporeans have grown up too. It is time that the PAP understands and accepts this. What this means is that Singaporeans do not appreciate being talked down to. We do not appreciate being threatened with fear. We do not appreciate that we are viewed as "we don't know what is best for us" and I can go on.. but I hope you know that this is the general feeling that Singaporeans feel now.

What's even more important is that PAP needs to ACCEPT that the election IS A FAIR, LEGAL and TRANSPARENT motion. And that the WP has earned its place in Parliament through this means. Coming off the press and news that PAP will sought for internal reflection and reviews are good, but Singaporeans will remember and will see what PAP will do as the new Govt moves forward. And that 2 key terms are the NEW GOVERNMENT and MOVING FORWARD.

The Govt which has been duly elected now consists of PAP and WP. And hence, we all expect that the WP has EQUAL Access to Public Funds, EQUAL Access to infrastructre and assets needed to build the nation together. And that means, no shutting of and denying WP of any means to build/maintain their wards etc... To do so would only secure PAP's path towards self-implosion and decay in the eyes of Singaporeans who will regard PAP as nothing but a big bully. Whatever was remembered of your good work will have been forgotten.

As Low Thia Khiang and his team moves forward, the PAP should not move backward into dragging their feet. I look forward to fast and cooperative handover of the Town Council at ALjuined. I look forward to he and his team having EQUAL ACCESS to support and funds that the MPs have in Parliament, because those funds BELONG TO THE PEOPLE OF SINGAPORE.


~ One-Leg-Kick

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