Monday, May 9, 2011

A message to Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)

Since 2006 till this day in 2011, we see a dramatic metamorphosis of SDP. It was once dismissed as a ragtag band of radicals led by Dr Chee and was villainised in mainstream media for being a radical party. But fast forward to today, it has changed its image, so much so that it managed to recruit more good people into its rank and file: Mr Tan Jee Say, Dr Ang Yong Guan, Dr Vincent Wijeysingha, Dr James Gomez and it had won the support from highly-qualified professionals such as Prof. Tambyah to lend support for SDP's healthcare policies. Despite SDP's longstanding existence, it must still be said that such achievements since 2006 are considered a baby step towards transforming its image as a credible party, and SDP this time has made it despite not winning any wards contested.

Dr Chee and folks, you all are heroes. You had changed the game the other way round. In the past, you folks were accused of using smear and character assassinations. But this time round, the role was reversed: it was the MIWs who are using smear and all that, including TNP's coverage of SDP's 'protest march' to discredit you. On the contrary, you folks in SDP stood firm and steadfast, refusing to be drawn into the same smear shop as MIWs. That's why, by all virtues, I personally agree wholeheartedly that SDP has indeed fought a principled fight, with integrity and for the just cause you had been championing. In that, despite your defeat, your defeat is glorious and honorable.

Please continue to keep up the good work, and not waste the foundation you had created for yourselves this GE. There're still much work to do. Please continue your outreach and if possible, walk the ground to build up rapport so that you can win over more people's heart with your sincerity. Also, take this 5-year hiatus as an opportunity to evaluate your electoral strate----, and also, recruit more heavyweights and maintain and expand your A-team formations. The key word here is continuity and sustainability. Don't be criticised by people for 'disappearing' after the elections. The work has only started since nomination day, and it has not ended yet. This is forever a work in progress.

As amateurish my above suggestions are, I hope they can be useful because they come from my own observation as a third-party in this election using a citizens' perspective. I'm sure SDP is capable of rejuvenating itself further and by 2016, will emerge as a stronger party which is credible. Like the Energizer battery commercial: never say die

~ Criticise

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