Monday, May 9, 2011

What I feel about this GE2011 ......

I am not for the ruling party neither for the opposition party. I just want to voice my five cents' worth of thots.

Please do not treat the Aljunied opposition team as if they are like the gods in this election. Let them walk their talk first. They are the A team - please do show us results especially the top lawyer in the team. Talk about the foreign talent in the parliament.

There is always a price to pay being an opposition party. Do not forget that a nation is not built in a day. The WP also needs to start to groom new and young ones to take over the parliament if this current government is not up to your satisfaction or to everyone's satisfaction.

There are faults, definitely in this current government. I seriously hope that the ruling party would go down to their feet and listen to the people if they want to keep their wards in the next GE. I also hope the ruling party seriously take note of many issues that the people are unhappy with. Opposition parties, give us serious good credible and qualified people to run the nation.

For this GE, I am saddened that we have lost a good, caring and competent foreign minister in BG George Yeo. A good foreign minister is very important to a country. I hope that the ruling party has another competent one to take over BG Yeo.


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