Monday, May 9, 2011

May it its time to remove GRC for next election 2016 ?

Freak Results of Singapore GE2011:

Rookie ImmatureTin Pei Ling won in Marine Parade GRC.
Veteran Chiam See Tong lost in Bishan-TP GRC (after 27 years service as Opposition MP)
Ex-FM George Yeo lost in Aljunied GRC
Tan Jee Say lost in Holland-BT GRC
Dr.Ang Yong Guan lost in Holland-BT GRC

Based on international standards,Singapore is one of the most undemocratic country in the world.

The GRC system must be scrapped !

~ Ben Ong


Now that Workers' Party has established itself as a genuine opposition party, their credibility can only grow stronger. It will be a matter of time before they win more GRCs.

Perhaps they can exploit the "By Election" mentality at the next GE by targeting only a small handful of GRCs. Good chance that they can win another 1 or 2 GRCs at the next round. If PAP persists in keeping the ridiculous GRC system, which minister will they want to lose at the next election? Teo Chee Hean? Tharman?

Think carefully, PAP !

~ Debong


I believe most of us will have complex and confusing emotions right now.Very sad to lose the foreign minister Mr George Yeo as this was a big blow to Singapore. He is one of the ministers that the nation loves. We need the modest, capable, caring government like him!

However it was difficult choice that made by the Aljunied residents. To me, both Mr George Yeo and Mr Low Thia Khiang are good candidates. I do hope Mr Yeo can still carry on as Foreign Minister and Mr Low to be in the parliament, for a more representative democracy.

If the talents from PAP and Opposite party join force and move forward as a nation in the future,for a better Singapore. Afterall, we are all Singaporeans. We should more focus on the talents of the candidates, rather than than which political parties, should in the parliament. We lose good candidates because of that GRC system, this GRC system also caused some immature and unsuitable candidates to get in to the parliament, because they were lucky to be in the stronger political party. It is time to remove the GRC system. =(



Yes, the GRC system must go. Nobody is allow to coattail into parliament. If you are up for the job, fight it on fair ground to prove your worth. If you can get the blessing from your voters, you had earned the every rights to voice with your head held high.
Tin Pei Ling is a good indicator and GCT should be happy that he is not voted out because of her, only had his GRC votes count dropped drastically.

~ Chew


I respect some of the honest comments coming from George Yeo and PM Lee during the election campaign.

On the other hand, it's so obvious to the entire Nation that TPL is a big liability to the future of Singapore. Even to the last minute during cooling off period, she had the cheeks to go against the rule of engagement only to come back with simple statement that it was an honest mistake. We're dealing with the stake of the nation and not "masak masak" game.

The GRC system really shows clearly its flaws. The people of Singapore is raising its voice and volume even after the election about the negative outcome of the GRC system. The nation needs to review the GRC system before it's too late and too little...and when the times come, it's not about losing a constituency anymore, it's about losing an entire Nation.

I hope that PM Lee really listen to us on TPL's incompetency and not go down the path about the robust interviewing process that PAP has adopted in identifying potential MPs as 2011 election had demonstrated the big flaws in the PAP interviewing process that includes a last minute PAP candidate dropout as well.

Lastly, as says in the national pledge:- "to build a democratic society, based on justice and equality so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation", let's hope that PM Lee is able to find mid ground in easing the frustrations of the people wrt to the GRC system that resulted in having an incompetent TPL marching in as MP and losing a good foreign Minister.

It's really time to end the GRC system altogether and go back to the fundamentals of politics of wining vote by individual standing and credential.

~ Samuel Tan


There are good reasons to end the GRC system:

1. Let us have a better sense of belonging. Many in say Aljunied could not relate to Aljunied as it is made up of 5 constituencies.

2. Let us vote for our own MP for our constituency. Good MPs will be voted in. Of course win or lose depends on the relative strength of the 2 contending cndidates. PAP wants to avoid having the weakest link being attacked by a strong opposition. But this result at Aljunied shows that it cuts both ways. You carry the weaker ones in but risk losing the really good ones. is ti worth it just to try and win all?

3. Every MP representing the people must be the better of the 2 contending candidates, regardless of the party they are in. I am sepaking as an idealistic citizen. This way, each MP will work extra hard to take care of his / her own constituency. Otherwise, in the next election, another person will take over. No one can take a back seat and hope to be carried into Parliament jsut because there is a few strong anchor team members.

4. By having all SMCs, we will truly get people's representation in the govt. Every single good PAP should be voted in. New PAP people will have a good chance if they can carry themselves. Weak opposition will not get into the govt.

5. On the minority issues, perhaps every party has to have minority reps in their slate in order to contest. I recognize if this is the true reason, it is a challenging one. On the other hand, if the minority rep is strong enough, race is never an issue in Sg. Even if I am a "minority" rep, I must be confident enough to lead Sg, regardless of race. Thus, this in its own way, should never be a consideration for election.

Note to PAP: change the GRC to SMc before more unexpected outcomes unfold. Then people will see the change as political driven. There will always be that perception. But if you do it at the right time when people are calling for the change, you will have a win-win situation. Get a referendum if you must - but pls do it.

~ T T

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